Summary for S & E Meeting 01/08/2016

Meeting Details

  • Item #1 Check In – 5 min
  • Item #2 Intake Updates, including discussion about Intake Team revision Alison – 20 min
    • Intake Manual
    • 2015 Intake Trends
  • Item #3 Budget Planning From Governors Meeting – 20 min
    • DAWI is budgeting to do translation – but focusing on New Materials
    • Martha to follow-up with S&E on what “basic materials for translation” means
    • Does E&E need to coordinate with Intake for future Budget Processes? Short answer to this questions from Alison – be aware of labor and keeping tabs of Labor Cost, but is able to do that because she is on Gov., if not on Govs, would need S&E to connect with Intake
  • Item #4 Eval Process – check in, next steps
    • T&C request to have completed evals delivered by Feb 29th – 20 min
      • Feedback for Future Evals
      • Eval Results Template DEMOCRACY AT WORK NETWORK
  • Item #5 Eval Form – check in, next steps (Survey Monkey? Simplified pdf form? Google form?) – 20 min
  • Item #6 Next Meeting: – 5 min
    • Facilitator: (rotation?)
    • Notetaker: (rotation?)
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