Summary for DAWN Governors August 28, 2017

Meeting Details

Date: August 28, 2017 UTC

Review of both Website Proposals prior to meeting

We discussed and agreed that there isn’t a conflict of interest for Alison can vote on her own leave. We just need simple majority, so 4 votes. We have a majority, no need to follow-up. Both proposals have 4 votes, they are are adopted.

We discussed finding a replacement for Alison for vacancy on the Governors, Alison is an at large. Do we want to fill the vacancy, do we want to do that? We can appoint someone, Calah had submitted her name. Details are in the 7/24 notes. Used to have apprentices on the governors, it’s good leadership experience. General consensus is we do want to fill vacancy, appointing a PA. New staff needs to attend the meetings, but only casts votes if there is a need for a tie breaker.


Proposal change resignations and leave-of-absences, including the at-large position too. – Approved

Govs will need to discuss whether to fill the vacancy and, if so, how. See 7.24 meeting notes for background. Background & options on page 3 of these notes:

Who do we appoint? Calah had expressed interest in the passed. We will ask Calah.

  • Tasks: Alison will can you task me with updating the Ops Manual 😉 video voting!

Proposal: Governors appoint Calah in the at-larger-governors seat, starting Oct 1st 2017 through March 31st 2018

  • Tasks: Alison will follow-up on Calah to see if she accepts, then invite her to next meeting. Dana will add her to Governors group, and EE list.
  • Task: Note taker should send follow-up of meeting to all members for their review. Dana will send this week. Note taker will also update proposal Statuses.
  • Task: Alison will update Deborah is updated that this was approved and will update website in her role and info in Civi
  • Task: Alison will update group memberships and will follow-up with Dana if there are any issues
  • Task: Alison – Finish updating email lists and the master contact list.

Committee Updates


Chugging along, have regular and well attended meetings. Have been working on box trainings and pricing. Talked about that in this meeting. We have been assessing landscape of resources, to compare and contrast, like in NYC. Materials-wise, we are working on getting a brochure together for box training. Jim and Rick have started a strategy from the All DAWN meetings, they synthesized. Conference planning is a standing item on the agenda. Next on is WWCC.

Jessies has put in a few proposals, we’ll see if they get accepted. There’s a checklist on conference and tabling. Calah is also doing a PA gig at the West Coast Communities conference, happening the last weekend in September. There is some RCDG funding for that.


Jackie isn’t here, so no T&C update.

  • Task: Annie will ask Jackie to provide an written report.


Matt was supposed to coordinate

  • Task: Dana will follow-up with Matt.

Intake coordinator/admin:

  • Look at client list:
  • It’s been pretty busy/steady. Highlighted ones need to be updated. Covnersations from ECWD, it will be Alison’s responsibility to pass this information along. June as very busy. Just two requests in August. Alison update all info in Civi too. This is thankless work, never have information to do. Alison asked for help nudging people to do their stuff. Go Alison!!!
  • Woodbelly is the only one pending approval
  • YI, I saw one of the people from Freed Body Works a few weeks ago – they say their conversion effort is still on hold, Pending resolution of some internal personnel issues – I will keep following up…Reached out to Esteban to do preliminary work, but they have not responded. Even preliminary work happens through DAWN, USFWC has done different structure for the TA stuff. If you are already in touch with them, Esteban is down to help with federation hat. Jim will give them a nudge
  • Stray Item, one of the projects are about Cannibis, rsdg funds cannot not used for cannabis. This is good to know.
  • Intake reports are nice for comparisons, that analysis is helpful. They are good for business planning and marketing. It was for membership for transparency and show how gigs are being assigned

USFWC & DAWI Updates

Esteban can will come to next months meeting with more information to share. For now we know that Checks have now been processed, so folks will get paid. Will go out in the mail this week.

Hiring update: The job is posted and live. Alison posted it to all members and has been giving people as much context they can handle, with inquiries. And getting a sense of how it fits in your life. There has only been one inquiry so far.

Next steps? Sometimes people wait until the deadline, uping quantity is useful, quality is fine. We will do more outreach. It’s 4/5 hours for week. 20/25 a month, grow it into 8 hours a week, one day. This is a staff position with the USFWC, not a contractor. Participation is USFWC staff meeting and Governors meetings. One of the goals is for expanded role in business planning in strategy. Overhaul DAWNs governance structure. Coordinator taking responsibility, so that it reflects the will require Approval for Governors and feedback period. A democratic scrapping the operations manual with streamline process with a central role PAs.

Expenses: Update from Esteban and Smooth, just sent to Alison. Didn’t include income, only expenses. Esteban will follow-up on that. So far YTD is $4,500 in expenses.

Prezi login: we got it!

Billing rates for projects (10min)

M&O and set some prices for the box training, to be billed at flat rate and not hourly rate. The Ops manual is inconclusive, S&E makes the call based on Alison’s interpretation. Currently rates are parked in Ops Manual. M&O shared suggestion, they came up with. Decision: (assuming workshops are 90-120 min & one DAWN person) “$350 to $500, *ask about our solidarity discount”. We clarified the roles and how this process overlaps across committees since they are training’s and a service and can help with marketing. Pricing should ultimately, be governors the decision. But S&E starts proposal and gets input and comes in with recommendation.

One of the main goals is that M&O wants PA to make better money per hour, so services rates increased to match that. We noted that we should renegotiate the really big discount with USFWC. That’s a huge discount. Would love to have a conversation with Esteban about it, since we are just accepting. For boxed training, would be 80% of it goes to PA. There is prep and travel time too, so that affects the amount of time. That affects hourly rate.

We noted that we will ask other consulting providers what their rates are to compare. In Jim’s experience never charges more $75/hour. A sliding scale can be given, for those organizations that request it. We would have a way to be contacted if that is requested.

We also talked about the PA hourly rate. Alison asked Rebecca who referenced that the PA reate is not static or fixed, so RCDG funding how does that breakdown in hourly rates. Can be an internal rate not advertised. Need higher prices offer benefits. Grants might not set a cap on us, then it doesn’t look good as deliverable for DAWI.

We will review in more detail revenue streams and how that affects PA rates for work.

  • Grants – RCDG
  • Consulting
  • Boxed trainings
  • Consultations

Task: Dana will circulate what I have to Governors. And we will bring back billing rate? And boxed trainings and hourly rates.

Next steps:

Annual Meeting Eval

Thread on to figure out.

Big Picture/Strategic Planning –

  • Task: Jim will start strategy thread
    • Where is next cohort coming from?
    • Where do we get more funding?
    • How do we grow?
    • How can we be more inclusive?
    • Integrate with USFWC strategy, after we figure out what works for DAWN first.
    • Start a thread, see what we can cover, more time on next meeting.

Next meeting: Monday Sept 25th

  • Facilitator Dana
  • Notes: Jackie
  • Convener: Dana
  • Timekeeper
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