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David Smathers Moore is the founder of the TeamWorks Cleaning and TeamWorks Landscapes cooperatives, which sustain more than 20 full-time jobs paying living wages (nearly double the industry average), plus health, disability, paid-time-off, and other benefits. He worked as a house cleaner for more than a year during the early startup period, learning the business from the ground up as a fellow worker-owner. He pioneered a unique structure that overcomes technical impediments to the long-term reinvestment of surplus (“profit”) as permanent capital in co-op’s organized as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

Today, David is focused on building the TeamWorks Development Institute, a nonprofit focused primarily on supporting the transformation of the cleaning industry through cooperative development. The Institute's Open Source Project is sharing key internal documents and systems to help accelerate development of cleaning cooperatives. The Institute also hosts an in-person 3-day Intensive for co-op developers and managers in the cleaning industry.

David was twice elected to the Board of the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives and served as the president of the board of the Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI).


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Teamworks Cooperative Network, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
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