Bethany Change of Status

Meeting Details

Date: September 25, 2017 UTC

Proposal Details

Date Effective: April 1, 2017 UTC

Bethany is requesting to transition from PA membership to a Working Pro. She has paid $100 dues. Do the governors approve?

update 10/9/2017: I informed Bethany that I had been mistaken about the volunteer hours requirement, but she is currently serving on S&E and will easily complete her 2hr/mo volunteer requirement. She would like to proceed with the transition to WP.

Note that WPs will currently continue to appear on as PAs because they have been certified and are eligible for TA projects. Ask Dana for the technical details if you’d like, but we didn’t see the benefit of differentiating between PAs and our 1-2 WPs on the “public side” of DAWN.



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