DAWN Peer Advisors – Dana Skallman

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Dana loves the challenge of developing organizational infrastructure and is constantly thinking about how technology can support it. Dana's work often involves configuring databases and much like her love of gardening and planning for harvests, Dana looks at how the flow of information affects a work environment. She most enjoys helping people to think about their technological needs and how to tend to the full spectrum of the website or database's usage. In her spare time she geeks out by organizing physical space to maximize its usage, fermenting and preserving food that extends the life of a fruit or vegetable. Dana based in Brooklyn, New York. She is part of Tadpole Collective which was born out of the NYC WordPress community and Glocal.coop which came together through her involvement with Occupy Tech.

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Tadpole Collective, New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives (NYC NoWC)
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