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Ash Trull is a DAWN Peer Advisor and co-founder/worker-owner at Sol Chariots Pedicab Cooperative.  Ash believes that in order to build new economies we need to disrupt structures of power that are the root causes of injustice in our current system and simultaneously re-envision and transform our relationships to the land and to each other. Ash has been working as a facilitator, community organizer, and consultant for 10 years.

Though originally from Massachusetts, Ash now lives in Providence, RI where they enjoy keeping chickens, growing food, reading science fiction, and organizing for economic and racial justice.

Previous work with cooperatives:

  • Member at Artichoke Food Co-op (Worcester, MA)

  • Community Organizer at Worcester Solidarity and Green Economy (SAGE) Alliance (Worcester, MA)

  • Local Organizer at Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy (Worcester, MA)

  • Intern at Green Worker Cooperatives (Bronx, NY)

  • Co-op Researcher at Democracy at Work Institute (Providence, RI)

  • Co-op Researcher at Cooperative Development Institute (Providence, RI)



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Artichoke Food Co-op, Worcester Solidarity and Green Economy (SAGE) Alliance, and Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, Green Worker Cooperatives
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