DAWN Peer Advisors – Aaron Dawson

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For two years, Aaron Dawson held the elected position of "Worker-Owner Coordinator" for Equal Exchange, a Fair Trade Massachusetts worker co-op with approximately 100 employees, 80 co-op members and a 20 year history of growth, Fair Trade and democratic practice. As Coordinator his responsibilities included: leading the Worker Owner Cabinet; setting co-op meeting agendas; facilitating 6 co-op meetings per year; and representing the worker-owners on the Management Council and nominating committee for outside board members. Aaron has been at Equal Exchange for five years, where he is a Customer Service Manager. Involvement in worker co-ops runs in Aaron's family. His father, Steven Dawson, is a co-founder of the ICA Co-op Loan Fund and helped to set up Cooperative Home Care Associates in New York City.

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U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives
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