M&O minutes 11-17-17

November 17, 2017 @


Check ins


12:45pm (Pacific) WWC Conference cancellation update: Rick

Conference call 11-21-17 for strategizing next steps/ next conferences

$14K budget from previous conference (Berkeley group/ Bay area meetup)

12:48 pm (Pacific) Conflict of interest question: Rick

Example: A DAWN member is also a member of a co-op requesting help from DAWN

-The DAWN member should not provide the TA

-The TA provider should be conscious of any bias (+ or -) regarding DAWN co-op member

-The DAWN co-op member should abstain from the decision to contract with DAWN


12:55 pm (Pacific) NASCO conference update: Jim


-Strong collective spirit, largely student housing

-North American federation (US and Canada), lots of young people and good energy

-Group Equity Model, they don’t aim to build individual equity, rather it goes all to the co-op

-Goal is not wealth, but serves the transient community

When these cooperative people graduate, they are often looking for income and may be motivated to start a worker co-op


1:05 (Pacific) DAWN website

Rick’s reflections- information is stored in a lot of various places, would be nice if it was more consolidated, it’s OK if it works best for DAWN’s budget. Is the website fully functioning? Maybe we could do a survey. Civi working well, easy to find correspondence.

Calah’s reflections-Website is a little wordy, very deep/ lot of information (got lost on the first tour through the website, little scary), more images might be nice – especially pictures of happy clients after successful DAWN TA projects – .

Preparation of governors’ report should be a standing agenda item.


TASK: Calah: Upload meeting notes to dawn.coop


TASK: Jim: revive website project management approach with tasks from above and elsewhere


TASK: Rick prepare the Gov’s report for the upcoming meeting, send it out before Thanksgiving holiday so other members can review.


TASK: Jim to follow up with NASCO contacts


TASK: Calah To-do list clarifying recurring items; initiate group email thread and strategy document, compile report


Jim’s questions:

  • Website status
  • Report to Govs
  • Previous pushed items
  • NASCO report??


Convened: Calah, Rick, Jim


Next meeting date: December 15th 12:30 pm Pacific


Meeting Roles

  • Convenor – Rick
  • Facilitator – Calah
  • Notekeeper – Jessie?
  • Timekeeper – Annie?
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