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    Dana Skallman

    During ECWD at the NYC NoWC strategy session and in private conversations with worker owners it became clear we need a space for just worker owners to chat and be there for each other. There is really no space for that. I started an email with Zara, Telesh, Maria, Patri and I that had the following draft proposal:

    Worker Owner Peer Support Gatherings

    Gathering Name
    • Worker Owner: Real Talk
    • The Worker Owner who could
    • Supporting each other by being real (aka simultaneous dream crushing and building)
    • ???
    Who’s welcome: you must be a worker owner
    How often: Quarterly
    Time: 06:00 – 09:00 PM
    Location: may vary, start at Meerkat Media offices
    Gathering Needs:
    • food and beverages
    • interpretation (but for each other, not simultaneaous?)
    • childcare (Lets just let children be in the space with us?)
    • Have you ever felt like damn, are we the only coop that has XYZ issue? 
    • Have you had the thought, wow every coop I see and read about seems to be doing so amazing, why are we struggling so much? 
    • Have you ever asked yourself “why every training I go to is good, but I wish I could talk to other worker owners directly” and see how they dealt with the issue I have been dealing with for the past 5 years? 
    Well it turns out we have all been asking ourselves the same thing! 
    > What? No way!
    Lets change that and start talking to each other. Join us for the inaugural __________ (name selected from above) by worker owners for worker owners. There will be food and drinks, and us, the amazing worker owners that we are, some might say super heroes!
    • Intros/check-ins – name, coop, what experience they can share, what they need support with
    • Small/short skill share based on intros referencing the support needed most
    • Discussion and sharing – could be in breakouts if there are different topics that folks want to discuss
    • Debrief – was this helpful? Do we do it again? Who can host? Suggestions to format, etc..
    Team kick-off: 
    • Zara
    • Telesh
    • Patri
    • Maria
    • Dana
    • and anyone else that wants to ensure we get these setup each quarter, of course can grow/change at any moment
    Organizational sponsors: (cuz they want to support a member lead initiative and maybe pay for food/beverages)
    • DAWN (actually made up of worker owners)
    • NYC NoWC
    • CEANYC


    I love coops but am not a worker owner, can I join? NO!!!
    What to do I need to do? Very simple/easy, become a worker owner
    Can organizational sponsor staff join? No, this is meant to be for worker owners by worker owners. 

    As I have pondered on this more, I think this should be a DAWN thing since it’s form worker-owners for worker-owners. And then we have thing we do in NYC, helps us look organized too 😉 Plus of course it’s marketing.
    NYC NoWC has offered to help pay for food/drinks and marketing of the event, maybe even help with logistics in terms of space needs (that usually is the most challenging thing). Maybe we can get others to provide support too.
    I’d like to do this but have it be kinda an official thing and we systematize it. If we I coordinate it with the folks noted above, things will fall through since there is no entity that “owns” it. It’s already clear since no one has followed-up.
    Of course whatever we do we outline and other locations that have DAWN folks can do their variation of it. And we can have a session space for this at each conference.
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    Annie Sullivan-Chin

    I’m totally into it. Thanks so much for kicking things off. I don’t have capacity to organize but I will definitely show up!

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