Agenda for DAWN Governors Sept 25th, 2017

Meeting Details

Date: September 25, 2017 UTC

Convener: Dana      Facilitator: Dana     Notes: Jackie

Welcome and Housekeeping (10 min)

  • Attendance & meeting roles
  • Agenda review

Review Tasks from last meeting (15 min)

  • Tasks: Alison will follow-up on Calah to see if she accepts, then invite her to next meeting. Dana will add her to Governors group, and EE list.
    • Leave on March 5th since Calah will be on parental leave – this is amendment
  • Task: Note taker should send follow-up of meeting to all members for their review. Dana will send this week. Note taker will also update proposal Statuses.
  • Task: Alison will update Deborah is updated that this was approved and will update website in her role and info in Civi
  • Task: Alison will update group memberships and will follow-up with Dana if there are any issues
  • Task: Alison – Finish updating email lists and the master contact list.
  • Task: Annie will ask Jackie to provide an written report.
  • Task: Dana will follow-up with Matt.
  • Task: Annual Meeting Eval Jim will start thread
  • Task: Big Picture/Strategic Planning Jim will start strategy thread
  • Tasks: Reach out to Kathy McCrate ask if she wants to come back to DAWN (Jessie and maybe Daniel)
  • Tasks: Volunteer with Renewals – follow-up? – Daniel will do it’s a staff task
  • Task: Revise DAWN work calendar – Ops Manual
  • Task: Integrate governors expectations note and draft for review – Jessie
  • Task: Ops manual with two word change vacancy – Allison
  • Task: Esteban to contact Madison
  • Task: Esteban to look into DAWN volunteer time matching is still used
  • Task: Follow-up on LCA – Daniel

Standing Reports from Committees & Staff (30min)

  • Marketing
    • WWCC is canceled, but there’s a meetup instead (maybe)
  • Training and Cert
    • No update, the last time the committee met August 3rd
    • Report provided after each meeting
  • Service and Eval
    • Meeting on Wednesday
  • DAWN Staff/Intake and Admin
    • Begun on-boarding
  • USFWC & DAWI Updates
    • Got RCDG funding end of year 09/30
    • LCA reportback
  • DAWI’s Workers to Owners peer support call

New business (30 min)

  • Ops manual revision regarding working pros
    • Read have a one hour per month volunteer requirement and update dues to $100/year
    • These are not worker owners?
    • We should revisit, sounds like? After the PA rates for TA work and products/services are revised.
  • Billing rates for projects
    • After S&E meeting
  • New products/services
    • After S&E meeting
  • Remove volunteer requirement
    • Do as a proposal – on committees, needs more context
    • Having cursory rate – budget for meetings
    • At least reduce volunteer requirement with more beefed up staff support. Committees meet quarterly, with so much to do administratively, we have had to keep it up.
    • Daniel to meet with sub-committees to see what DAWN coordinator/USFWC staff can do
    • Getting TA experience – maybe focus on this pro-bono
  • DAWI’s Workers to Owners peer support call
    • Noting to bring to Governors to pick a representative – working conversions, Jim can continue as interim representative for now but is happy to yield the seat
    • Who is willing and able to participate in the calls, PA who has conversion experience, worked with or past conversion
  • Joe’s membership

Old business (15 min)

  • Big Picture/Strategic Planning (Jim)
    • Thread was started, wait for responses to continue discussion
  • update on Intake Coordinator hiring

Wrap-up (5min)

  • Next meeting reschedule – Monday the 30th from noon – 2pm eastern / 9-11am pacific

3 thoughts on “Agenda for DAWN Governors Sept 25th, 2017

  1. Reply
    Jackie Srebrenick - September 25, 2017 PST

    No report from T&C

  2. Reply
    Jim Johnson - September 25, 2017 PST

    late item for new business: DAWI’s Workers to Owners peer support call: Joe Marraffino has invited Jessie, Alison, and myself at various times to participate – I attended their most recent meeting and need to discuss the protocol for ongoing DAWN participation

  3. Reply
    Alison Booth Gribas - September 26, 2017 PST

    I created 2 proposals for this meeting but did not notify Dana separately that I wanted them on the agenda.
    One was Bethany’s status change request. She is serving on T&C so will meet her vol hours requirement of 2 hours/mo although I misinformed her. And she paid $100 dues. Are the Govs comfortable moving forward on this? If so please vote on the proposal online.

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