Agenda for DAWN Governors August 28, 2017

Meeting Details

Date: August 28, 2017 UTC

3-5pm Eastern / 12-2pm Pacific

Present: Annie, Jim, Alison, Dana, Esteban

Absent: Jackie, Jessie

Facilitator: Annie, Notes: Dana, Convener: Dana, Timekeeper: Annie



Welcome and Housekeeping (10min)

  • Attendance & meeting roles
  • Agenda review

Review Tasks from last meeting (include tasks below) (10min)

Task List from previous meeting

  • All / no owner?  Make decisions via e-mail re: membership & leaves.
  • No owner:  Update groups.
  • Alison –  Finish updating email lists and the master contact list.
  • Annie – (as next facilitator) Put on the next agenda to ask Govs to decide if they need to approve/veto the prices that M&O chooses. – DONE
  • Jessie – assemble roles & expectations into a doc that we can reference and give new Govs.
  • Dana – Convene next 3+ meetings.
  • Dana & Esteban – Revise job description for Intake Coordinator. Plan the hiring.
  • Esteban – Ask Laura S. to pull DAWN’s actual YTD expenses.

Standing Reports from Committees & Staff (30min)

  • New business
    • Billing rates for projects (10min)
      • Govs to decide if they need to approve/veto the prices that M&O chooses.
      • TA rates for work (discussion to delegate next steps)
    • update on Intake Coordinator hiring (Esteban & Dana) (5min)

Old business

  • Tabled JIM will scope appropriate Creative Commons licenses and come back with a proposal – IN PROCESS – report back next meeting.
    • Questions to answer:
      • Allow adaptations of your work to be shared? Yes; No; Yes, as long as others share alike;
      • Allow commercial uses of your work? Yes; No;
  • ANNIE – will propose the DAWN budget for 2017. IN PROCESS. Meeting with ABG 5/5, met with Esteban ____. Status update in meeting.
    • A few questions/tasks for Esteban living on budget doc
  • USFWC needs to renew Prezi and send us login info.
      • M&O: figure out how to save off Prezis to some useful format
      • Laura Smoot will be handling finance when Foresta is on leave, ALISON ask her for Prezi renewal/login info
      • Amy Solis said DAWI was no longer paying for Prezi, Esteban authorized renewal of Prezi, need to follow through with renewing etc
      • @Alison to reach back out to Amy, ask for login so that Esteban can pay the bill and we can actively use the subscription
  • Annual Meeting Eval
  • TABLED: Assigned to Jessie-Review/Draft 2017-2018 DAWN work calendarDoes the template from the Ops Manual still make sense? 

    -Big Picture/Strategic Planning (Jim) 5 mins

    • Framework, feedback for longer session later on
    • Potential topics:
      • How to recruit prospective new PAs, how best to grow the DAWN Community
      • Rates
      • Rethinking Certification: can we find a more inclusive approach, while still maintaining our Unique Selling Proposition of Peer Advisor who are experienced worker-owners?
      • How to align ongoing this strategy discussion with: the USFWC visioning process for DAWN, USFWC Chapter Network, Lideres Cooperativas en Accion, local/ regional ecosystem efforts, similar programs?

Wrap-up (5min)

  • Review task list and bike rack
  • Schedule/review next meeting & assign roles


To include in Agenda Email:

Prev tabled/bike rack

  • KivaZip (Jessie)
  • Open Source (Jim)
  • CDS Co-learning (Jessie)
  • DAWN en espanol (Dana)/Coordinate with Lideres Cooperativas en Accion (Alison/Esteban)
  • Join the Workers 2 Owners Collaborative?

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